Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. Before we go further you should know a bit about why I blog, why this site exists and what I hope you fall in love with.
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First of all my mind is always going, always full of thoughts. I tend to be very imaginative and creative why not share!?

Second, many of my conversations, primarily with women cause me to believe that there is a need for real authentic sharing. So, it is my aim to create a real and authentic space that allows questions and thoughts to surface. A space that allows you to push your boundaries and question why they exist and how they serve you.

Lastly, we are all defined and redefined in many ways by the relationships that we keep. However, the primary relationship that we should have, we often fail to fully embrace. Our relationship with ourselves. Even those of us that seem to “have it all together” often discover that we are very segmented. As I walk on my self-love journey I invite you to join me.

I don’t plan to follow a rubric. I will post what inspires me and what ignites me. My intention is that you keep this page at the top of your list when you’re hanging out online, that every now and then you think “hmmm what is she exploring now?”

Keep coming back friends and goddesses!