Yoni Is…

What is Yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb or vagina… the female reproductive system in it’s entirety. Within each woman the yoni is a powerful source of wisdom, strength and beauty. Feminine essence exudes from this source it is significantly more than a source of pleasure, the Yoni is a part of a whole which effectively guides each woman along and through the divine process of creation.

Divi9 Yoni Egg (YE) Practice

The yoni egg is a beautiful “scared sexual tool” each yoni egg is believed to hold energetic properties that aid in release of old wounds and trauma held in the womb (emotional support). It provides added weight to the vagina allowing the woman to engage the vaginal muscles of the pelvic floor and walls (physical strength). It is a tool for the most sacred meditation, building and enhancing the mind body connection (spiritual growth).


(Image: Black Obsidian & Rose Quartz, Red Jasper and Rhodonite)

What is a Yoni Egg Practice?

A Yoni Egg practice is marked by consistent use of a Yoni Egg for physical strength, emotional healing, and or spiritual development and enhancement. The daily practice of “learning the movement of your egg” initiates an orgasmic journey of “learning the movement of your body.”


Yoni Egg Practice Benefits

The use of a Yoni egg is wonderful for “building the intuitive muscle we need to create vaginal resilience, flexibility, and power. -Grace Diaz-


Emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, shame and more affect the receptivity of our Yoni’s. Your practice will bring awareness to these emotions providing the opportunity for them to be worked on and released.


The Yoni egg can be used as an aid during meditation. The practice of setting intentions lends itself to being of a more Spiritual nature. Some women find an increase in their Yoni’s intuition as they deepen their journey.


“We don’t have to walk around carrying the burden of the past, replaying the traumas that have scarred and shamed us. Our relationships heal, our relationship with earth heals, and we can open to and embrace our lost feminine consciousness. Our feminine essence is wild innocence. It is flowing in every womb this very moment—waiting to come out and play and be fully expressed and enjoyed in pure love, and shared with the masculine, who has the complementary, beautiful blueprint of this wild innocent energy.” -Womb Awakening-


Sacred Time and Space

Sacred time is such a necessity! Every woman should cultivate a time and space for self love. What time do you have and how will you use it?! Use your time well, you are worth it.


Begin your orgasmic, healing and self nurturing journey today!!

Divi9 Yoni

Raquel Walker is the founder and owner of Dedicated Asset in Service to You. Operational since 2013 and formally founded in September of 2014. Also the co-founder and owner of Div9 Yoni, 2017, a sex and body positive company. Raquel works to support, serve and improve the lives of those around her on a daily basis. Events are memorable from beginning to end.


Each event is noted to have a personality of its own centered on providing inspiration toward identifying, setting and gaining support toward to the achievement of personal goals and potential. Group impact is fully utilized at each event as each attendee brings their own expertise and knowledge to the experience.

Topics are engaging, ranging from the “Anatomy of Jealousy” to “The Big O” each participant is supported in pushing beyond the superficial to take a stand within their individual truth, beginning or continuing the exploration and deepening of self-knowledge and embodying self-love.

It is when we truly value and genuinely invest in our self and others that we experience growth, not as a number achieved or destination landmark, but as a daily journey.

I Value Your Story:

I am a lover of stories. The person telling them has been through something(s) that may have taken days, months, years to weave together. I admire the boldness required to share those stories.

I love the opportunity to listen and engage with each person as they share their story. The opportunity to step into the now of their journey.

The stories of women are most striking and inspirational. The things we have overcome, the people we have loved and the experiences that we have had in and with our own bodies from child to adulthood.

I love stories of a return to love, a finding of love, a endless pursuit of self-love. “Learning to love yourself” is indeed the “greatest love of all”. Finding the way to that love can be challenging without a guide.

I value the opportunity to both receive guidance be that guide for other Divi9 goddesses!!

Radiate Mindfulness,