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Yoni Experience!

You have heard about, have been curious and maybe a bit skeptical 🤔. Watched a thousand YouTube videos and have become a follower of everything with the word Yoni in it! You still don’t get it 🤷🏽‍♀️. You bought an egg and now you’re question is what to do with it?

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This Dynamite Feminine Energy

I am woman and I exist

my period exists it is not too much

I am not too much

I am more than a monthly bitch!

Minute to minute

EMT’s respond with support when

A victim is injured

stopping the flow of blood from arteries.

But my blood, my blood I am taught should never touch MY hands

I learned the universal method

for dealing with MY magic.

Today I pour it from my cup,

I watch it drip between my fingers.

It is as rich as my soul.

I draw a heart across my chest,

Because I am super woman!

My power, my magic?

I am love!!

I am woman it is my blessing to bleed.

My entire existence gives life,

my entire existence creates life!

…created two beautiful lives.

I am woman and I exist

I am not nor is my blood

a thing to be hid in a corner,

only spoken of when deemed appropriate.

Your comfort violates me,

Your comfort diminishes me,

Your comfort is not my priority!

I am woman and I exist.

Don’t demand I hide pieces of my being.

I rule this universe,

This dynamite feminine energy!

I will not hide pieces of my self!

I will love the sacred,

The Divi9 within me.

How often do you remove your crown? How often do you question your right to be amazing? How often do you question the age appropriateness of believing in magic. Own your magic!!

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Bold & Beautiful Part 2

I look in the mirror and I see her there. The bold beauty growing within me, shining through the pupils of my eyes. She is a simply Divi9, she is a Goddess!

Believe it or not initially I had such a hard time with that word, “goddess”. It struck me as too audacious. I had a natural curiosity about this feeling and so I played with the word almost daily. Grace called me goddess each time we spoke and each time it ruffled me, gave me a sinking feeling of disconnection. Who is this goddess?

It’s finally feeling like spring here! Believe it or not I began writing this post two weeks ago and felt certain that I would post “on time”. However, with so much going on in life and being over the extended winter I simply could not get back in the mood to write. As I write I am half naked on my deck! Who cares who is looking! That carefree passion is symbolic of my goddess.

Goddess revealed

I discovered my goddess energy stepping out of a luxurious shower one night. I had inserted my yoni egg prior to showering and had a few trial sized products from @simplysimonenaturals. She made me a coffee scrub that was to die for! I feel orgasmic just thinking about it! After applying it in the most mindful and careful manner, massaging and simply taking the time to fully breathe, to fully experience my shower and this new scrub, I felt radiant. I know what you’re thinking, girl you were massaging a bit too much! I promise it was not the case… this time. It is a sensation that has stayed with me. An embracing of my feminine and divi9 energy, a knowing and acknowledgement of my beauty and grace, a release, a liberation.

Learning to grip and release is an essential part of your Yoni egg journey. Like learning to drive, you must be skilled at both reversing and driving forward. Learning to grip, comes with the counterpart of learning to release.

Do what now?

The easiest way for me to describe how is, on your inhale you grip and on the exhale you release. You are not at this point releasing the egg fully. As you release and grip it is more like… playing catch with your pussy… or hot potato… no bad example. Keep the egg in ok! At first that is an honorable goal! As you grow stronger you will be able to practice more advanced skills like moving the egg up and down, still using the grip and release method but with a more skilled use of your muscles.

My pussy does tricks

With this increased strength comes increased pleasure! The same skill with which you massage and manipulate the Yoni egg can be used in both self pleasure and sex with your partner.


There is a natural increase of awareness that takes place when you focus on developing and embracing your inner goddess and use your Yoni egg 3 to 4 times per week. Awareness and mindfulness play a huge role in your orgasmic life! With such busy lives it’s easy to overlook this important detail!

With all this being said! Please look out for my upcoming two day Yoni egg experience! It is so much better, so much more fun to have these convos with you goddesses in person!

I want to give you tools for your own journey that I have found to be amazing! There will be two options for the experience, one with an egg and one without. This will be Divi9, don’t miss it! May 25th and June 1st. Look out for more info this week!!!

Be radiant!!

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Bold & Beautiful, Part 1

“She is so bold and beautiful” Those were the words I used to describe the woman I followed on IG. Of course, I am not naive to the fact that behind every picture and post there is a reality of which I am not aware. However, this was all the inspiration I needed to begin my Yoni egg journey.


For as long as I have lived in the amazing feminine body I was blessed to be born into, I knew deeply that I had not tapped into much of myself. Somewhere along the way I also became deeply resentful of my body. Passing windows became haunting mirrors that amplified the fact that the person I saw was not who I knew myself to be. My identity, my love for myself, I never realized was so deeply connected to my body. I also avoided my doctor like the plague. Each time the scheduled visit rolled around I mimicked her accented words “Raquel, you are obese! You are far too young, you must do something about this. Are you eating the way I teach you?” In theory, I agreed. I knew I had to do something but I also knew that I really didn’t eat “that bad” I wasn’t “that inactive”, and I really shouldn’t be “that obese”… insert defeated eye roll. The defeat led to more self-destructive choices and my go to was brownies and ice cream or cookies and ice cream, one serving led to two and who doesn’t want a brownie in the morning too. My sweet tooth was insane and discipline was out.


I faked it well, stuffed the parts I liked least into body shapers, accepted the superficial compliments. Wore red lips, changed my hair color often and smiled brilliantly each time I stepped out and closed my door behind me. It was show time. I’ve stared in a few shows and they all could be traced back to a lack of love for myself. How did I get here? I’m the same girl who took daily jogs from home to Cobbs Hill around the reservoir twice and back home post-baby. That was my training, the residual of high school track, did I love myself then? Or was I simply a body in motion following the law of physics. Even still, when did I stop? Why did I stop?


“She is so bold and beautiful” I recited these rehearsed words to my friend as we both hit submit on our yoni egg order. This would mark the beginning of our Yoni egg journey and it meant different things for each of us to start and would continue to evolve with us as we practiced. I was searching for self-love and a practice that would bring together what felt like a disjointed life, one that kept my spirituality and sexuality in different corners. They have never met. Sexuality was talked about in secret even from my lips to my own ears. I chose the Rose Quartz so I could focus on harnessing and embracing my feminine and receiving love.


My intentions were set

My egg was cleansed

washed and filled with intent

I gently layed back onto the bed

As if seeking my virginity I entered

I exploded into tears that shook me as I cried

I was pure in this experience

The images that flashed through my mind

Begged me to forgive

Forgive me

Forgive yourself….


My Yoni egg story began with forgiveness. Forgiving myself for the ignorance of my youth. Forgiving myself for my lack of knowledge of not only who I was but the intricacies of my spirit and of my body. I wept for the girl I was, so lost. I had an intellectual understanding that every woman’s experience would be different. I had no idea this would be my experience. I had no idea I held this pain in my womb space. I cried until I was empty, yet I was full. Full of the beauty that was me, that is me! Tears became laughter and laughter became orgasm.

I let go.

That power-filled beginning would be the only tears I shed. Laying down to insert the Yoni egg was easy. Learning to grip in a new way was a challenge. I learned quickly not to judge myself. One blogger used the metaphor of weight lifting to explain that it takes time to build muscle. It was interesting to say the least to think of my pussy as a weightlifter… how often do you even think about the pussy as a muscle?! If I can grip a dick, certainly I can grip a Yoni egg! I can’t grip the Yoni egg… It keeps falling out!!


….to be continued….

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Goals like: “I want my Pussy to Kiss the Floor”

In November I met this amazing woman. My intent was to purchase a massage table. It was not exactly what I wanted long-term but would get me started on what I desired to do.

I had recently taken a Reiki class and was excited about providing Reiki to friends and family. This table was to be an accessory toward that reality.

I drove out to Henrietta to check out the table. I could not have anticipated finding  myself engaged in the most beautiful conversation with this Russian woman. She enjoyed sharing her story and it was soon clear that she was a teacher, not just any teacher, she was an acrobatics teacher. This woman was a gem!

Just weeks earlier I set the goal of being able to do splits. Of course I text my sisters to share, goals are always better when you share! “siStarz! I’m turning 34 and I have decided that I really want to teach myself to make my pussy touch the floor!” I don’t know what it is with me and sharing things in such humorous ways via txt. The wait is a part of the drama I suppose, so I wait.

I get a few emoji responses, raised brows, shocked face, bulging eyes and finally my eldest siStar fan girl responds “go for it sis! You’re always up to something” she says. My other sister shows interest in how I plan to do this. I explain that I’ve found an app and have already begun to use it. I send it to her to which she responds “you are so inspirational. It’s never too late to try new things” I smile as I read this and my inner goddess is content and excited to meet this new challenge.


The house I entered was poised to sell. The sign was hung and the contents were all removed with the exception of this table. The seller and I talked for a very long time, well, she mostly talked and I mostly listened


The conversation we held was priceless. She encouraged me to return to school and to follow my dreams no matter my age. She talked about obstacles she faced, including learning to speak and write excellent English. How one thing led to another as it does in life and it all led to her living her dreams.


As I left she studied the frame of my body, my posture and asked if I were a dancer. With a laugh I replied “only in my head!” She shared her observation of my posture and said, you should dance! She joked that should lose a few pounds, “you seriously should”. Just like talking to my mother over my shoulder I replied, “I know, I’m working on it.” as I exited it was getting late, and was almost late getting back on the road, my boys would be out of school soon.


I wasn’t offended by her joking instructions… especially as it came on the heels of her having shared her own views of the choice she made between being offended and being humbled and empowered in the years she worked to perfect her English. It had been a difficult transition for her and the instructor was a tough one.

I never did buy the table… what I gained was so much more. The table was a means of the universe fanning my flames.

It is now March, five months after setting my goal, and I can do forward splits quite well! My pussy still hasn’t quite kissed the floor but every time I settle into my practice I get a little closer, the goal is no longer the point however, I have found so many other beautiful stops along the way. I settle into my splits and explore the wonder which is me each and every time.